Who We Are

While working on video projects together in school we found that our love of visual storytelling and video production skills allowed us to collaborate and create short films exactly how we envisioned them. As our skills and resources grew we began to wonder how we could utilize them more. That's how Pollen was born. 

Pollen represents the germination of ideas, building off each other to achieve a singular vision. Our love of film and storytelling led us to look for opportunities to tell visual stories any chance we got. We realized that stories are unfolding all around in people’s day to day lives and we are fortunate enough to help tell them.

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Meet the Team

Luke Owen

Founder, CEO

Luke has always had an eye for business. Back in high school he founded a painting business and soon had several employees. A few years later he started an e-commerce business to refurbish electronics and sell them online. 

His foray into video production began later. He was given a film camera by a friend who knew he would enjoy using it for photography and he quickly fell in love with it. The skills he developed working with this analog camera enabled him to venture into the world of digital cameras and he became the go-to director of photography for his friends' short films. Luke won several cinematography awards for these short films.

It wasn't long before Luke decided to take this passion for video and turn it into Pollen Productions where he continues to enjoy both the creative and business elements of video production.

Luke Owen, CEO of Pollen Productions

Malachi Abbott

Creative Director 

Since he was a little kid, Malachi knew he loved film and that one day it would be a part of his career. Over the years he learned how to shoot, direct, write, edit and act, sticking with each over the years and developing his skills. He has won several awards for his short films including awards for sceenwriting and acting. Malachi's dedication has only strengthened his love of film.

At first, his involvement in Pollen Productions seemed like a departure from his creative disciplines but he quickly learned that marketing and advertising videos have a lot more in common with films than just a camera. Malachi utilizes the creative storytelling process he has developed in film projects to elevate the marketing material he works on. He has found that using his skills to help other businesses share their stories is an excellent experience. 

Malachi has been able to continue his work on short film passion projects in his free time, bringing them to life with the help of Pollen.

Malachi Abbott, Creative Director of Pollen Productions

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